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Xbox 360 Games

Posted by Ninjor - September 7th, 2007

Wort wort wort! Halo 3 is coming out soon as is Halo Wars! WOOHOO!!
Who can wait? Not I! I want to see how the epic series ends!
Oh and I hope they release the Gears of War sequel soon too.
Oh and I really want to get BioShock. If anyone has it already tell me if it's worth getting!
And same with The Darkness. I really don't know if I want to get that or not.
But who can stop themselves from being pumped about Prototype!!! Have you read the reviews? I'm drooling. No not really.
Yeah, Resident Evil 5, gonna be cool, so will Grand Theft Auto 4, not that I'm gonna get either of them.
Hey, wasn't Project Gotham Racing 4 released the other day? Hmm I'll have to look into that.
Oh Blue Dragon was released last month wasn't it... it got a good review in Xbox Magazine, but if anyone's played it tell me if it's worth it.
How about Call of Duty 4 coming out next month? Modern-type war I hear. I suppose it'll be a bit similar to Rainbow 6 Vegas, just better, maybe. Rainbow 6 Vegas is a great game, tough to beat. But I've always enjoyed the Call of Duty series... I guess we'll soon see if whether it was a good choice to move away from World War 2 games.
Oh and can someone tell me anything about Need For Speed ProStreet? If I want to do free driving and stuff and not race all that much am I better off getting Carbon or Most Wanted instead of ProStreet?
And I haven't heard much about TimeShift. Anybody?
Meh, that's all I have to say.
Xbox 360 > Wii because 1. Although the motion-sense technology is fun for a bit, it gets old, and I prefer the classic controller style; 2. I've never liked all the puzzles of Nintendo's games; and 3. the graphics, obviously, have nothing on the 360's graphics.
Xbox 360 > Playstation 3 because 1. I hate Playstation controllers because the buttons and triggers are all wrong; 2. they spent too much time on the graphics and all their games are lameness, boringness, and emptiness displayed in really good graphics.
Okay. Yay.

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This guy's right on the money with everything he says and thinks. I completely agree with him. Completely and entirely.

Thanx for the review...

what are you? 7???


but yeah, the xbox is the official best system for most casual gameplay (wii still rapes PS3)


and those games were released a LOOOOONG time ago

how did i find this page?