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ooookay obviously you did something

Or he wouldn't've deleted you. But seriously, the animation is wrong. If the bullet were to actually go through the cat's head, it would be reversed - it would just be a small hole where the bullet enters, and the big blast coming out the side would be on the other side of the head, where the bullet exits.

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Kyothine responds:

>>the bullet effect was wrong

oh whoops

>> you did something

no. Wade just hates everybody.

jaja es bien cómica

deseo que más artístas de Flash hagan películas en español. también quisiera ver lo que pasa con el gato
¡bien hecho! espero que sigas con esta serie.

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megaener responds:

Gracias, y si las continuare en español solo que enrealidad las pondré en mi pagina web, aqui como la mayoria de los usuarios hablan ingles... bueno, tendre versiones en ingles de las animaciones
Si la continuare... pero ahora mismo estoy ocupado con otros proyectos asi que por eso decide poner esta animacion como un test



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Utterly broken.

The game just doesn't work, dude. You should know better than to submit a broken game to Newgrounds.

PHENE responds:

U need flash player 9 or later to play it.


So it's pretty fun and relaxing I guess but it's a little boring, and it has no point. Oh well, it wasted about 30 seconds which is good I guess.


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This is boring

And it shows a complete lack of musicianship. Keep trying though I'm sure you got potential...


Is it tru dat kyze is in da pen?
dam son but you all still da hardest
free kyze

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BOOMBLAST responds:

sorry g, yea its nuts dawg, kyze riding a big too, the whole fams doing what we can you know them ones, dont watch nothing my dawg will be back on road soon g, bless.


I'll buy that CD haha. It'll keep the hamsters away anyway.

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He's all, "Feel the power" and I'm all... "You spelled your name wrong fool. It's Vader."

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Hey that's neat.

How do you animate it, did you use Flash and then export it as a .gif or something?

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JinnDEvil responds:

I use Adobe ImageReady.

That's really cool.

Did you actually do this pixel by pixel? That's a crazy amount of work.

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JinnDEvil responds:

Yeah, that's pretty hard to do (especially when we have just a little amount of colors), but it's kinda fun, anyway!

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